Kwun Tong was one of the most important industrial districts in the 1980s, but it now has been cropping up as the hottest area for entrepreneurs to establish new business, more and more companies are also moving in their office. Marketing and advertising agency, innovation and technology start-ups, finance and investment companies, the district is small but perfectly formed. What make Kwun Tong an attractive and irresistible place to start the business?

As you may know, Hong Kong is known for its title, the most expensive city in the world. The rent of office space is at almost double of New York’s. The unbearable rents drive more firms out of Hong Kong, some of them may stay but the popular commercial districts like Central, Admiralty and Tsim Sha Tsui are no longer within the considerations. They would move their office to Kwun Tong or Eastern Hong Kong Island, where the average rental rates are lots more acceptable than their current leases. Start-up’s entrepreneurs should invest most of their money in growing their business instead of letting the rental cost consumes a great part of the fund. Kwun Tong, a place filled with industrial elites since 1980, and now it becomes the ideal place to for business.

Top 10 UPRISING companies in Kwun Tong

GoGoVan, launched a mobile app helping people hire cargo vans to move furniture, goods and package delivery, also known as Hong Kong’s first US$1 billon start-up.

Green Tomato Limited, focus on mobile application service, was winner of the awards “Digital Media Marketing Campaign” and “Best New Start-up Company” in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009.

Master Concept, provides technology services and cloud advisory for thousands enterprises around Asia Pacific, also the first and the top Hong Kong Google Premier partner and Google services provider.

Nichetech, focuses on the development and manufacture of products for semiconductor packaging, LED packaging and chip on board industries, was recognised as a National Intellectual Property Outstanding Enterprise.

Four Directions Limited, expert of mobile application, provides mobile and social app development services, app marketing as well as data analysis for boosting sales volume.

New Media Group Limited, one of the leaders in Hong Kong media market, also the winner of “Media Owner of the Year” award by Marketing Magazine, is expanding into digital business in recent years.

Stakk Factory Limited, targets young audiences by making interesting video and successfully attracts 7.58 million followers on Facebook.

Guru Online, HK4As affiliated member and leading industry position as No.1 digital agency of the year with Gold Winner and Local Hero awards.

Hotmob, the leader in mobile marketing, operates the largest hybrid mobile marketplace in the region and delivers integrated and performance driven mobile marketing solutions.

Visoport Interactive Media, provides professional web service in web design, web development and online marketing.

With the number of commercial office rises in Kwun Tong, it brings in lots of experts from different sectors at entrepreneur’s hand reach. Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others? The amazing business idea may get start-ups the throne but they still have to pass the path first. With a variety of mentors and accelerators here, the talented entrepreneurs can get through the early stages of the start-up journey. What start-ups should be looking for is much more than just some spaces to work, but a place which can support their business in all way. With all these, here becomes a perfect place to see the dream comes true.

Sometimes it takes a village to raise a child; sometimes it takes a community to raise a successful start-up. To bring up a company takes not only money, a great idea and a passionate team, but also to build a healthy community. At NDNX, we are not just simply providing a space for entrepreneurs to work, but also giving their business a helping hand to make their dream shine. Here is a place where mentors and accelerators are willing to help, and a place meeting many brilliant minds to learn, to grow and to share a dream. We understand the difficulties and needs of start-ups. We never stop to create the right atmosphere for success. Just to achieve our mission, the only mission, CoWork, CoLearn, CoDream.