Canada & Hong Kong Startup Exchange Night

Blending cultures for startup success!

NDNX has invited companies from both Canada and Hong Kong to mingle with us at this startup exchange night!

Experts will share how companies can venture into the Hong Kong and China markets. Participants will also have a chance to learn about North American markets from Canadian startups.

Join us for a causal drink and some great insight into Eastern and Western startup cultures.

To sign-up, click here.


Featured startups:

Dragon Social | All-in- one social media marketing service in China

Dragon Social Ltd. is a Social Media Marketing agency in China. Our business offers full-scale WeChat and Weibo management. We aim to help brands to expand to China by building awareness, acquiring leads and generating sales. We localize your brand to the Chinese market and offer professional advice along the way. Our business aims to be the long term partner of your brand and ensure your brand will be a success in the Chinese market from start to finish.

Rocketbots | Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Communication

Rocketbots is a Hong Kong based company specialized in developing AI-powered Chatbot solutions and automation for businesses on Facebook Messenger and other platforms. Some of the main use cases are: customer support, sales & marketing. Our passion is to bring together the speed of computers with the personality of humans to create chat solutions for small and medium sized business.